Our expertise does not limit itself to web development but also it includes Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce, Graphic designing, Web Designing, Website Hosting, Web marketing, Website Management and linking (one way, two way, three way).We partner hundreds of organization to enhance their business, marketing and profit goals.

Essar Infotech is a web service company, offering a wide range of services that covers almost all fields in the best possible way. Over years we have built a strong reputation in providing web site design and web development services. Webzin Infotech provide you with an attractive and most convincing website to enhance your marketing goals. Our developers are qualified, prepared to meet even the highest of demands and compassionate and caring of your needs and your own vision for your web site. You need a company that will not treat you like just another number but instead will work one on one with you to meet your needs in the best way possible.

What we offer

Software Development
Essar Infotech is constantly evolving and our developers constantly upgrade their skills to provide our customers proper software solutions in tune with the latest trends and technologies available.

Web Design & Development
Essar Infotech briefs design vary greatly and we are as experienced in working from a blank or minimal canvas as we are from a detailed corporate identity brief. Our all-round skills are strong we are able to offer the very best service to our website design and development clients.
We offer a full design service enabling you to maintain continuity between your website and other promotional material. Our websites use the modern browser coding and backwards compatibility to produce websites that are up to 50% more efficient making them speedy to download.

Mobile Development
Is your website mobile browser friendly ?? Our mission is to make building, re-building and managing mobile websites affordable and easy. Try browsing your website on your smartphones like iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry or any other mobile phone that you use you will not able to get the real experience of browsing your site like Desktop or a Laptop.
In a recent Survery it shows that so far only 10% of the businesses have a mobile friendly website. You can have a mobile website to stand out from your competitors with a Mobile website and you can serve your mobile visitors with targeted information about your business.


We are Developing Mobile Application on multiple platforms


mobile development

Multimedia & Graphic Design
Essar Infotech offers a wide range of professional graphic design services including logo design, corporate identity development, multimedia and flash presentations.
We lay solid foundation in web design development. Keeping track of the latest technological innovations we make good use of the most advanced web design tools, thus ensuring the top-notch quality of the end-product and complete satisfaction of our customers. Our step-by-step process guarantees that nothing is overlooked in the final product.

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