Hotel Management System (HIMS)

Essar Infotech has succeeded in developing the total management solution for the hotel industry by integrating front office and restaurant in one easy to use system. Real time Internet reservations, e-mailing capabilities and one-click remote access are all built into the system Front Office :

  1. One-Step room billing with complete display of all charges & payments.
  2. Simple and fast check in and check out
  3. Utilities to simplify complex transactions such as room transfer, extending stays, reinstating checked-out rooms,transfering
  4. charges to another room,accounts receivable etc...
  5. Corporate billing and accounts receivable statements generation and transactions history.

Reservation :

  1. Available rooms list in priorititized order
  2. Reservations and guest scanning by name, arrival date, confirmation or group name
  3. Fast enquiry for available rooms by type
  4. Automatic guest history lookup and update
Hospital Management System (HMS)

Hospital Management System is an excellent software in the hospital management field. It manages all sectionsof the hospital like reception,lab,inventory and account etc.


  1. Patient registration & allocation of patient identification number
  2. Capture of patient demographic details
  3. Parameterized Patient search wizard
  4. Registration labels and patient visit slip
  5. Investigation & Service Requests
  6. Appointment Scheduling


  1. Wards, Rooms and bed configuration
  2. Patient admission & bed allocation
  3. Facility for ward or bed transfer
  4. Medical Observation and Nursing or clinical notes
  5. Bed occupation matrix
  6. Laboratory, Radiology, Procedure & clinical services request
  7. Drug prescription
  8. Discharge summary with details


  1. Investigation Requests
  2. Sample collection & Result entry
  3. Investigation report generation
  4. Integrated with patient billing module


  1. Drug details as per base unit, purchase unit, issue unit and dosage unit
  2. Creation of Purchase order and Goods received notes
  3. Creation of Pharmacy receipts at point of sale
  4. Physical stock entry with physical stock adjustment
  5. Internal stock transfer request and updating of stoc
Payroll Management System (PMS)

The complete payroll solution make this complicated function look much easier. The software is user-friendly, with user-definable preferences like Salary Heads and Salary structures. Useful for Govt. and Private Sector Payroll Management.


  1. Employee Details
  2. Customized Salary Pattern Design for Single / Groups of Employes.
  3. Allowances / Deduction
  4. Monthly Attendance
  5. Monthly Salary Generation
  6. Extra Payment Through Voucher
  7. NSA / OT / Wages Calculation
  8. Leave Salary Process
  9. Arrear Salary Process
  10. Pay Slip Report
  11. Salary Slip Report
  12. Salary to Bank Report
  13. All earning & deduction schedule
  14. Abstract Report Account headwise
  15. Income Tax Report
Inventory Management System (IMS)

It is designed specially to meet the requirements of medium sized and corporate enterprises. A well organized Business house needs to maintain timely and accurate information regarding inventory.


  1. Recording of Items
  2. Goods Receive
  3. Goods Issue
  4. Item Stock Report
  5. Features like Lifo / Fifo / Weightage Avg.
  6. G.R.S Report
  7. G.I.S Report
  8. Bin Card Report
  9. Stock Evolution Report

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